About us

Regina Life Clinic is more than a medical center.

Regina Life Clinic is the first step to change your life and a trusted place where we'll help you achieve your goals with a personalized approach, a team of dedicated professionals and top-notch services that meet all modern medical standards.

The clinic is comprised of many facilities including consultation and diagnostic rooms for endocrinology, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care, orthopedics, medical oncology, vascular surgery, and a manipulation room with the possibility of taking samples and testing patients.

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My "Diet" - My Lifestyle!

A booklet with recommendations for a healthy body by the specialists from Regina Life Clinic. ...»

Health calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) ...»


Our team of proven professionals will make sure you get the care you deserve.


Regina Life Clinic offers a comprehensive service tailored to your individual needs and your journey to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Medical Metabolic Research

Regina Life Clinic provides its patients with an exhale breath testing and blood tests to measure and analyze metabolic rates, ... »

Orthopedic Consultations

Joint punctures, hyaluronic acid and PRP therapies, chondrocyte transplantation, work with the newest and most modern method - a combination ... »

Development of Dietary Regimens

Arranging consultations with an endocrinologist, registered dietitian, certified nutrition coach and health psychologist. Based on these and the examinations carried ... »

Sports Nutrition

Designing diets for professional athletes to improve performance and achieve optimal fitness. ... »

Anti-Aging Programs

Through a variety of clinical, laboratory and instrumental tests and corresponding therapeutic solutions, we will help you reduce fine wines ... »

Oncologist Consultation and Infusion Therapies

Providing oncologist consultations and designing therapeutic parenteral nutrition regimens for patients with various stages of cancer. Conducting infusion therapy in ... »

Cardiology Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiometabolic risk assessment. ... »

Trainings and Seminars

Specialized training for patients to improve their quality of life, diet, and educational programs on "How to Learn to Live ... »


Regina Life Clinic Gives Free Consultations For World Obesity Day

On 11 October, we celebrated World Obesity Day with an Open Day where the clinic provided free medical consultations with an endocrinologist and registered dietitian. The specialists at Regina Life ... More »

Regina Life Clinic Partners with Bodimed Laboratories

Dear patients, we are happy to announce the partnership of Regina life Clinic with the leading medical diagnostic laboratoryBodimed, which expands our portfolio of services. Our collaboration will enable patients ... More »

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