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Sylvia Vandeva, MD

Sylvia Vandeva, MD

Specialist in Endocrinology

Dr. Sylvia Vandeva is an endocrinologist in Sofia with over 16 years of medical experience. She diagnoses and treats patients with metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, pituitary, adrenal and gonadal diseases, endocrine hypertension, osteoporosis. Her research interests are in the area of pituitary adenomas.

Dr. Vandeva graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 2007, where she obtained a specialty in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases. In 2015, she defended her dissertation in the field of pituitary adenomas and obtained her PhD. She specialized at the University Hospital of Liège in Belgium and the University Hospital Federico II Naples, Italy. She has participated in numerous Bulgarian and international scientific congresses and symposia, and has over 40 publications in foreign and Bulgarian scientific journals. She is also a member of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology and the European Association of Neuroendocrinology.

She is fluent in English and French.

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